Baby Predictions For Miranda Sings Below

The results are in! Did Terrie’s predictions about Colleen’s baby come true? Watch and see!

Terrie Does A Psychic Reading For Colleen Ballinger, AKA Miranda Sings.

Colleen wanted a psychic reading about what her pregnancy is going to be like and if she’s going to be a good mom. Will she be a good mom? WATCH NOW!

Terrie Does A Paranormal Assessement In The Home Of Colleen Ballinger (AKA- Miranda Sings).

I was invited into the home of Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda Sings) to do a quick paranormal assessment and walk through. I also had the opportunity to give a heart felt, healing mediumship reading to her best friend, Kory.

terrie gives the ladies of ‘get it girl’ relationship predictions

I was invited to the set of Get It Girl to give relationship readings and predictions for Ana, Fiona, and Vivi. Click the image below to watch!

Terrie Does A Psychometry Reading

Watch as Terrie does a psychometry reading for Laraine Stewart. Psychometry is an energy reading off of an object. WATCH NOW.

Official Houdini Seance 2015

Terrie had the honor of being chosen to lead the Earnest Seance of ‘The Official Houdini Seance’   An evening of science, history, escapes, and magic, on Halloween, 2015 at The Brava Theater in San Francisco, Ca.

This event was held as part of the Bay Area Science Festival, hosted by Wonderfest, and produced by Robert Strong of Strong Entertainment.

Your Love Accomplice Podcast

Your Love Accomplice Podcast

I was thrilled to be a guest on an episode of the Your Love Accomplice with Christina Weber podcast.

Can a psychic really help you navigate your love life? I get into it with Professional Intuitive, Terrie Huberman, who’s also host of an Intuitive Matchmaking Experience in Los Angeles. I find psychics have the ability to get us out of our past and into flow with the possibility and potential future brings. Love is found in mystery. Yet, giving too much power to someone else’s word, may also be dangerous. Can another really perfectly predict your future? Isn’t energy always shifting and changing? Listen as Terrie and I share our own hang ups and how intuition acts as our guide in love.

Paranormal Karen Podcast

Paranormal Karen Podcast

On this episode of the Paranormal Karen Podcast, episode #6, I chat with Paranormal Karen about the Akashic Records and how accessing them can help propel you forward in life. Listen to episode #6 HERE.

The Akashic Records are experiences, perceptions, and memories of everything that has taken place since the inception of the soul. From lifetime to lifetime, lessons have been cultivating, accumulating, and rediscovered up until the present time. Once inside the Akashic Records, assessments of current and compelling recurring issues and blockages can be explored and transformed moving you forward in life.

I join veteran stand-up comic Karen Rontowski who brings you along as she investigates haunted spots and paranormal phenomena all over the world. With 16 years of paranormal experience, including reiki and tarot, plus 25 years in stand up, Karen is the perfect guide to paranormal hilariousness. Find & follow her at, Facebook, and on the Youtube comedy channel Paranormal Karen.

Karen & Kira Can Read Podcast

Karen & Kira Can Read Podcast

In episode #48, I get a reading and we chat about paranormal experiences.

Listen to the first psychic comedy podcast where stand up veterans, Karen Rontowski and Kira Soltanovich, give real and hilarious readings to fellow comedians. See what grins, giggles and guffaws the future holds. With a new guest every week, Tarot Reader Karen and Russian Gypsy Kira explore the world of stand up from a cosmic point of view.

Terrie Is Featured in Voyage LA

Terrie In Voyage LA

Terrie was interviewed for a written article in Voyage LA.