frequently asked questions:

How do I know if this is a legitimate reading?

Currently there is no actual scientific evidence that can prove there is an afterlife or any type of psychic connections. You will know if you are having an accurate reading based on the evidential facts Terrie gives you. Please take the information given and review it at another time or even later in the session. You will still receive evidential details that you can understand.

Is there a money back guarantee?

There is a refund of your money back if there is no connection made and if office policies have been followed. The most common challenge encountered is when someone comes in for a mediumship or psychic reading expecting to hear from a particular loved one or expecting to hear a particular outcome of a situation and their expectation is not met. Your loved ones are invited; however, the spirit world can deny the invitation and not show up. These invites are not guaranteed.

What are Terrie’s office policies?

Office Policies On Cancellations / Rescheduling / Late Clients / No-Shows: If needed, your appointment time and date can be rescheduled if Terrie Huberman is given notice (2 days) 48 hours prior to your original scheduled appointment time. Only one (1) rescheduling is offered for appointments that have been cancelled. No Refunds will be issued when Terrie Huberman has not been notified within the (2 days) 48 hours-time-frame. “No Shows”, immediate forfeit of monies paid and rescheduling unavailable. Clients late, the sessions’ time starts when they connect with Terrie Huberman and ends at the original appointment time. (No rescheduling for full-time session available on late clients). Reservation times are secured with payment in full. There are no refunds for group readings, demonstrations, classes or whenever specified.

Can this be done over the telephone or Skype?

Yes, phone readings are just as effective and healing as in person readings and are done all over the world through technology. Though sessions may be recorded, sometimes technical difficulties can and will happen. It’s always best for you to record the session as well as back up for those ‘just in case’ moments.

Do I need to bring anything?

For in person readings, the most important thing to bring with you is an open mind and no expectation of how your session will progress. You will have more of an opportunity to receive more detailed information if you are calm, open, and relaxed.

Terrie will often use psychometry, so you can bring a hand-held object like a ring, watch, or necklace that she can read the energy off of. If you wanted to bring in a picture or a hand-held object of or from your loved one who has transitioned, you may do that for a mediumship reading.

How detailed will Terrie be?

Terrie intends on gathering as many details as she can for you, so you will know who she’s communicating with for mediumship readings. She gives you this evidence so that you can feel confident she is connected to and communicating with your loved one. Please note there is something called ‘Psychic Amnesia’ that many people will experience when they are having a reading done (psychic or mediumship). This is when information is given to you and you can’t remember it during your session. This is ok and extremely common, this is a reason why it’s highly recommended to record your sessions to review afterwards.

Can Terrie communicate with certain people?

Yes, Terrie can communicate with certain loved ones, however there is no guarantee. If you are wanting to bring forth a particular loved one, she recommends focusing on that person leading up to your reading. You can even bring a hand-held memento or token object of theirs. Sometimes this helps bring them closer. If they have a message for your, they will come through and share it.

How long does a reading last?

Creating a strong link to the spirit world doesn’t take that long. There are 15 +minute reading options with longer session times available per your preference. 

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