Here’s what people are saying about Terrie:

This kind, thoughtful, lovely lady is the real deal. She hit the nail on the head with two specific things NO one knew about. One brought tears to my eyes and still does. On the other, these words flew out of my mouth; “there is no frickin’ way that you could have known about that!!!” I am beyond thrilled to have found her and cannot wait to set up another reading with her soon. Don’t let anything stop you … GO! Thank you so much, Terrie!
— Claudia Langan, Los Angeles, CA
Terrie blew me away as she connected me with a loved one who passed 19 years ago. No way to look him up on social media, not that I was ever doubtful, just saying I know people think psychic / mediums can google a person for info .. that’s not the case at all with her . She not only described the way he looked at the age he was when he transitioned, but his mannerisms which warmed my heart. Also the beautiful gift of explaining our soul contract which was played out beautifully.
— Sandy Maddolino, North Babylon, NY
Terrie did a house clearing for us and its results were amazing. Highly recommend for skeptics and believers alike. I could see and measure the difference. Thank you, Terrie!
— Aden Ikram, Los Angeles, CA
I had a psychic reading by Terrie & it was way more than I could have ever hoped for! Terrie began her reading & she instantly picked up on everything I was feeling and worried about. I was truly amazed by how well she tuned in. She hit on so many things I was in tears by the end! (In a good way!)
Terrie has an amazing, calming energy about her, the second you’re in her presence you can feel the light radiating from her aura. She is extremely kind, compassionate, & honest. After my reading, Terrie gave me some personal spiritual advice on how to help deal with situations in my life. I took her advice & I will say that it worked 100%.
My reading with Terrie was stellar. This experience was every bit of what a psychic reading should be.
Terrie is a truly gifted, natural psychic who excels in her abilities. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone. If you’re a skeptic, even better!!
— Angela Denton, Los Angeles CA
Though I had a paranormal experience years ago, I was somewhat skeptical going into my reading. I thought, in private, of the topics I wanted Terrie to address in my water reading, as instructed. Almost instantaneously she honed in on my topics and shared the visions which came to her. Additionally she revealed to me a message from my grandmother and was specific in ways that left me feeling that she has a true gift and an ability to connect to places we cannot. I highly recommend you explore with Terrie, even if it is just for fun. You will truly be amazed at what she can tell you about you.
— -Ben Pratt, Las Vegas NV
Terrie Huberman did not change my life. She helped me understand it. Over the years she’s given me many readings using various techniques. I was a skeptic. However, in the end she was always right! Now I can come to her with any issues and she helps me through them with compassion and shows me new ways of thinking about situations. I wouldn’t have named my daughter after her if she wouldn’t have had such a profound effect on my life. I encourage anyone searching to ask her for guidance.
— -Joyce Henderson, Louisville KY
It has taken me a very long time to write this review because it’s hard to put into words the amazing and life-changing experience I had at a séance held by Terrie. First of all, when you think of a séance, you probably picture something straight out of a movie with a levitating, round table, a crystal ball and lit candles being blown out by angry spirits. Well, let me tell you, it’s nothing like that! From the beginning, she sets a light-hearted tone that makes you feel at ease. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, she was able to relay messages from loved ones who have crossed over, which is nothing short of a miracle. She picked up on very specific traits that there is no way she could have known if she wasn’t a truly talented psychic medium.

At the end she makes sure to cleanse and protect all participants, so that you leave the experience feeling light and positive. I can honestly say that she changed the way I see the after-life and the way I will spend the rest of days on this earth, knowing that my elders are keeping a watchful eye on things. If you’re even remotely curious about her services, I highly recommend her!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us all, Terrie.
— Dinah Obeso, Los Angeles CA
Terrie, is amazing! She genuinely has an insight like no other. She speaks directly to things going on in my life that I have not even told her about but she knew about. She also has a personal touch even though I have never met her in person.
— Aimee Culler Ross, Littleton, CO
I am not easily impressed and have been around enough to know a true gift when I feel one. Terrie not only put me at ease she knew from the onset of my reading that I had a gift and she was able to guide me with some advice in areas of anxiety brought about these gifts. She was spot on in everything that she told me and was the gentlest of souls when it came to discussing some very heavy life situations that I was facing. She even pointed me in the right direction to build my skill set and help me understand what it is I possess and how it effects my life. I recommend her with all my heart. I wish I could talk with her everyday well that would be greedy ...ok at least once a month. LOL .But even at that she insists not to she is not out to make $$$ off of you but to genuinely help and guide...absolutely the REAL DEAL and absolutely a gift to our human path.
— Seanna Pacheco, Riverside CA
I had the honor to hire Terrie on Halloween night for The Official Houdini Seance in San Francisco. She was a delight to work with, great communicator, dressed wonderfully for the theme, and was very entertaining. She was hired by skeptics and had a roomful of skeptics and we all got along great. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Robert Strong, San Francisco CA

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