How You Can Use Your Emotional Sensitivities To Crack The Code Of Anxiety And Discover Your Intuitive Healing Powers!

Reclaim your inner power…tap into your intuition…navigate life’s chaos, confidently!

If you're a spiritual empath who's TIRED of living in chaos:

...easily bothered and often feel out of control with your feelings…

Your finances are not where you want them and you live in scarcity mode…

You probably keep picking the same kind of romantic partner that doesn’t lead to the relationship you want, and you feel empty inside…

…and deep down you know there's a way out of this but have no direction how to get what you want, then reading this page might be the most important decision you make for your future.

You're about to receive the SECRET clues to crack the code to bring you the alignment your soul craves to change your reality and find your authentic purpose, quicker than you even imagined possible.

But first, let's get real!...

There's a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

You're moving your physical self through that space to get to where you want to go; and what shrinks that gap is time.

Now, I'm not suggesting that overnight all of your problems are going to be solved.

The truth is, to this day there's still no magic pill that collapses time to make it move faster.

This is a multidimensional journey that takes patience, practice, massive risk, sweat equity, and effort, with a side of adventure, because you are creating a new identity for yourself and controlling your energy centers.

So, if that scares you, then feel free to exit now.

With that said...let me jump in and show you...

Once I began a deep dive into my spiritual practice, I experienced what's called 'Karmic Acceleration"...

All within a 9-month period, my dog passed on, I ended a distorted, unrequited friendship, I was rear ended in my car, caught Covid, and my bookkeeper did my taxes wrong and I had to pay the government $16,000.

I thought I'd be devastated or flattened by this series of misfortunes which were heavy on my heart.

But I wasn't!?!?!?!

And as each one occurred, it felt as if I was crossing it off a list, calmly & grounded. So weird!

For the first time ever, life didn't feel like an uncontrollable storm or like I was being punished or tested.

And even though I was briefly annoyed by each event separately, I wasn't overrun by uncontrollable emotion or fear.

I was in the eye of the storm sitting pretty because

I knew what it was like to keep my energy aligned and intact.

I knew how to connect to my higher soul and how I was helping it evolve. I understood the mechanics of how energy worked which gave me the security and the freedom to move forward instead of backwards or simply freeze.

I knew how to make lemonade from lemons! FINALLY!!!

"Karmic Acceleration" is the missing piece, it’s the energetic flow and process that will allow you to crack the code of anxiety and discover your intuitive healing powers!

This unique system is your compass to help move you into Karmic Acceleration, bringing you the alignment your soul craves so you can find your authentic purpose.

Now you've already seen how the EASIEST way to GET WHAT YOU WANT is through "Karmic Acceleration".

Now imagine what could happen if you had this unique system working FOR YOU?

Imagine how that could change your ENERGY, EMOTIONS, FINANCES, and ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS?

The good news is…I’m going to crack the codes to self-love, appreciation, respect, power, and confidence WITH YOU!

You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own...

All you have to do to achieve Karmic Acceleration is to use the power of the SYSTEM that I’m about to give you!

Does that sound like something you want?

If it is, I can help you.







First, let me say that this isn't your traditional coaching or therapy experience...

The journey we take together is filled with adventure, evolution, curiosity, and resilience with a side of humor.

And it's about MORE than just

finding your answers.

You're going to crack the codes to self-love, appreciation, respect, power, and confidence.

When you're a spiritual empath your sensitivities often manipulate you, throwing you into panic and anxiety and out of your instincts.

If you're needing the discernment to know the truth of what's your energy and what isn't, then this experience is for you.

Like I said, this is not traditional coaching at all.

There's zero fluff......just pragmatic and practical teachings you can use in your day-to-day living.

So with your open mind, open heart, and the willingness to grow, you absolutely can learn how to balance your anxiety to access your intuition to create the life you want.


  • A step-by-step method showing you how to

    connect to your Higher Soul for guidance.

  • A system showing you how to detach and learn to let go of circumstances out of your control.

  • Techniques for bringing your body into a calm & grounded state quickly.

  • Exercises to help you access your consciousness, different dimensions, and to jump into a different timelines.

If you've got 3 minutes in your day to spare, I can teach you a secret technique to activate the energy of your heart so you can start manifesting the abundant life you want!

  • Redirect your misaligned energy into feeling

    wholeness again.

  • Decrease any energy blockages from

    conditioning and past traumas to move forward, because it's finally your turn.

  • Improve your mental, emotional, physical,

    financial, and spiritual health, wellness &

    performance, and manifestations by learning how to triage your energetic state when you're anxious.

  • Expand your consciousness to other timelines of opportunity.

  • Step into your authentic self and develop emotional security, courage, and confidence while no longer sitting back on the sidelines.

  • Clear outdated Karmic patterns to create the life you want to live.

  • Deconstruct scarcity and poverty consciousness into abundance energy.

  • Activate your intuitive heart intelligence for resiliency to bounce back after hardships.

  • Master your emotions so that you can manifest

    abundance and prosperity.

  • Increase synchronicities and develop a higher consciousness.

  • Connect to others healthily, while keeping your energy to yourself.

The SI Program is Built On 4 Pillars...

Keep in mind that because you are unique in your soul evolutionary process, this is a rough design of the experience we’ll share together.

You might need more or less attention on any topic at varying times throughout your transformation.

This is not cookie cutter work and your personal needs, goals, and spiritual development differs from others.

In every session we'll work together to work out blocks in YOUR real time energetic frequencies and continue personal development

  • Pillar #1

    "Inner Peace Blueprint"

    This includes a deep exploration of your unique sensitivities, an analysis of your current decision-making processes, and an audit of your emotional triggers. Meaning you'll have a step-by-step roadmap for transforming anxiety into empowerment, mastering your emotions, and achieving a life characterized by inner peace, clarity, and
    unwavering confidence.

  • Pillar #2

    "Expert Coaching"

    This includes weekly 1:1 coaching calls with Terrie tailored to your specific needs and goals, drawing from a blend of practical strategies and spiritual insights. Meaning you'll receive one-on-one support to navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity, unlocking your emotional resilience and intuition while experiencing a profound transformation toward a more empowered and abundant reality.

  • Pillar #3

    "Psychic Readings and Energy Release Sessions"

    This includes 2 psychic readings and 2 energy-clearing sessions designed to dissolve past anxieties, unblock emotional barriers, and activate your inner wisdom. Meaning you'll gain a deeper connection to your intuition, understand your blind spots in real time, find relief from past emotional baggage, and experience a more empowered reality.

  • Pillar #4

    "The GPS of the Soul Community"

    This includes exclusive access to our private community of like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey of transformation and empowerment. Meaning you'll have a supportive network where you can share experiences, receive ongoing guidance, and connect with fellow travelers on the path to inner peace.

"Inner Peace & Clarity" Guarantee"

In 12 weeks, you will say with 100% certainty that you possess the knowledge, skills, and tools required to confidently navigate life's challenges. Or, I'll work with you for an additional 30 days free to get you there.

Here's what to do next...

When you're ready to change your life and FINALLY gain some control over the chaos, here's what I want you to do...

Simply click the "Yes I want to apply!" button below.


This experience is by invitation only and I've created an application process to filter out any people that just aren't a right fit.

  • STEP 1: You'll see the link to the application below. Click on it and answer the questions.

  • STEP 2: After you fill it out, I'll personally review it.

  • STEP 3: If I think we "might" be a good fit, I'll reach out to you for a private, quick 15-minute zoom so I can answer your questions and even ask a few myself.

  • STEP 4: Assuming we're a good match, we can begin our work together!

Because of the unique nature of this experience and the amount of in between session support I offer, I can only work with a limited amount of people at a time, so that I can offer you my full, personal attention.

It's in your best interest to apply now to reserve your spot for the upcoming month, before it gets filled.


So, if you're tired of letting anxiety create chaos in your life, then this experience will teach you to feel more in control.

Don't wait another month, or year, disconnected from your intuition because of anxiety.

You're needed right now - you have so much to offer, and I'm invested in helping you create a life where your spiritual empathy works for you as your superpower, not against you.

P.S. If you're still reading...

then I think I know you!

And I think you're ready for MORE...more abundance, more prosperity, more love, and more happiness so you can share it with the world.

You're sick of playing small and not moving forward, tired of being held hostage by anxiety and you're ready for a life with more control and ease.

Am I right?

Look, I'm SO confident I have the knowledge and the experience to get you to your next level..., if you've been thinking you need some help, consider this a sign!

Over the next 3 months, let me be your guide, let me hold your hand and walk you to the next level of your life where you can shine!!!

We all need a network of friends and experts who can support us, and I promise to be support you through this transformation because I've been there too and know what you're experiencing.

I'll be standing next to you for each step of the journey.

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