Predictions for 2019

I was a guest on the Paranormal Karen Podcast and was asked to give predictions for 2019.  I've gone ahead and written them down for you.  Will they come true or not?  Only one way to find out!  No matter what, may 2019 bring everyone who reads this (and those that don't) a year filled with freedom, security, and joy!  Blessings and prosperity to all, Happy New Year!!!

  • John Travolta. He'll be popping up on our radar this year.  We’ll hear revelations about the truth being released. Whether he is the one to do the exposing or someone exposes him regarding something

  • It’ll be a year of birth: from folks in our personal lives getting pregnant & giving birth, to folks in the media. But a lot of miracle types, so for example people who didn’t think they could get pregnant but did.

  • Also birth in regards to new businesses, groups, & causes: There will be expansion in these areas which is why 2018 was so difficult, like contractions, for the preparation of coming into the world. It will be almost as if these businesses or causes appeared out of thin air and seem so magically intriguing to us.

  • Scandals in the sports world will be more prevalent; ranging from high school level to professional teams. People will be forced to tell the truth, will be put on the spot, & not get away with it or be able to hide. Repercussions will happen.

  • People who haven’t had romantic relationships in a long time will be coming together in great unions, healthier than in the past that could be their BIG love.

  • Autism will really start to see more normalization & acceptance in public domains.

  • Structures like bridges will need more strengthening. It feels like there may be damage coming to a big one that causes a lot of damage. The damage is significant & there may even be casualties.

  • There could very well be a large earthquake in Mexico or a country around it.

  • People who start to notice butterflies around them will be going through huge transformations in their lives. Complete 180s. Butterflies will be noticed more.

  • People will be standing up & speaking loudly in their beliefs from small everyday matters to political agendas. And though it FEELS right now like there's separation amongst friends, family, and community, people start coming together and reuniting towards the end of 2019.

  • We’ll start seeing people that take more of a spiritual direction regarding health, wellness, personal development, & in functional medicine. There will also be a spiritual dichotomy though: many will use spirituality & mindfulness as a way to avoid responsibilities & not have to deal with their realities, and we’ll start to see more folks show up with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude as a result. Spiritual ego will be more rampant.

  • Those with a true, authentic heart revolving real care, empathy, & sympathy will be genuinely sought out for help by those who need a connection to a heart centered human.

All in all, 2019 continues with adventure, but it feels more like expansion & fruition from hard work done in 2018.