Your Wounds and Your Purpose

The number one question I get asked is ‘what is my purpose’?

I’ve learned that it stems from being in pain and in confusion, which is when most folks reach out to work with me.  The thing about confusion is that it’s THE step right before a breakthrough happens and then clarity and direction appears.  Pain is caused by holding in and not expressing or sharing thoughts and feelings about an incident, to an empathetic witness.  

It’s lonely to hold emotional pain in, thinking we can do it alone, and that we’ll ‘get over it’. Humans are not creatures that thrive in isolation, we are social beings that need interaction.

And what gets confusing is strategizing ways we try to get ourselves out of pain, on our own, and then fail at them. That uses up so much of our precious energy that we need to conserve to stay physically healthy.

BY acknowledging your pain, discovering the origin, and working with an empathetic witness who hears, sees, and feels where you are coming from, you begin to reconnect to your intuition again.

Back on track with your inner guidance system, you’ll hear your spirit team’s messages clearer and know which direction to move in to succeed.

Being supported through this, to process the emotions and feelings you’re experiencing at this time, you learn that your wounds lead you to your purpose. 

And then you can REALLY start to live.