Please Don't Feed The Fears

Fear is a response triggered from some sort of traumatic event that happened in our past. 

The imprint of that experience left on us is significant if we don’t address it.
Once it’s discovered, we recognize it easily when it shows up…because it will and does over and over again until we’re not wearing our Earth suit any more. 
So, changing our response to fear shows up constantly and consistently.
Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will ever stop it, and if we want to respond differently, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn how to. 
Do you know how you cope when fear shows up? Because if you do, you’re well on your way towards identifying the patterns that block you from reaching your goals.  

Fear can catapult you into greatness if you’re aware of it or drown you in the depths of despair if you allow your ego to feed it…of course this is as long as your physical body is not in mortal danger.
It really all depends on the identification, recognition, and desire to manage it. 
Are you looking to change your life?  If that answer is yes, it’s time to learn how to embrace fear and the unknown, unless your life is in authentic danger.
It’s my hope that we can learn how to use fear to our advantage and further us forward towards reaching our goals.  
Wouldn’t THAT be cool?!?!?!?!