What is IET®?

IET® stands for Integrated Energy Therapy and is an energy medicine healing modality that transmutes physical, mental, and karmic energy from cellular memory.

The human body has an electromagnetic field, and meridians (pathways that bring energy to feed the body’s organs) to help channel the energy and keeps a steady flow going. That energy flow is vital to our life force and when it moves easily and effortlessly, the human body maintains that electromagnetic field without disruption or stagnancy, also known as blockage. 

The human body has the ability to store or even suppress those different feelings/sensations (aka- energetic imprints),based on actual physical or emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, or even past life experiences, which can cause physical discomfort or emotional imbalances, resulting in a change in the quality of someone’s life. (Examples- fear of heights)

IET® works by clearing blockages in the cellular DNA of the body.  So while the brain cells primarily remember facts, the cells of the body remember feelings and sensations (energetic imprints).  An IET® practitioner heals the cellular memory in the body by energizing (preparing for clearing) and integrating (clearing) the underlying emotional cause in that area, using light acupressure similar to Reiki. There are certain integration points about the size of a quarter, on the body, where the flow of energy is very easy to access and transmute.

The last component to IET® is the connection the practitioner makes to a very high vibrational frequency, through meditation and silent prayer, connecting to the angelic realm. This is called the heartlink; the connection allowing the energy to flow from practitioner through and into the receiver for the transmutation of energy to take place.

The entire process clears the meridian points and restructures the blockages in the cellular memory rebalancing that vitality to the physical and emotional bodies, as it now functions in its own regulating manner.  

Because this modality is energetically based, healings can be done in person or remotely with the same positive results.  Side note: I personally did a case study in which I found that after four IET® sessions, my clients had huge breakthroughs, and after six sessions remarkable changes took place in their lives.

 If you could use IET® energy to heal, shift, change, clear, empower, expand, or manifest anything, what would it be?