Top 5 Ways To Feel Better NOW!

There are 5 ways to feel better now!  The situations we’re in and the people we surround ourselves with are the reflections of what’s going on insideof us. Don’t like it?  CHANGE it!

 A lot easier said than done, but does it have to be that way?  Your thoughts create the emotions you’re feeling, and what you feel you attract. This is the universal Law of Attraction, which applies to everyone. So, if you change the way you feel, you WILL make the shifts to transform your life. These emotional modifications can be small and simple and should be practiced consistently for best results. So, what are the top 5 ways to feel better now? Here’s a list:

 1-   BREATHE- Challenge #1: Set the timer on your cel phone for a total of 3 minutes. It’s deceiving but time will go FAST! Find a quiet spot where you can control the environment (example your car if you’re at work). Close your eyes and do a 3-part breathing sequence. First inhale to the count of 5. Then hold that breath to the count of 5. Lastly you will exhale to the count of 5. Yes! It is that simple.  You are merely doing what comes naturally to you, breathing.  You don’t need to know how many breaths you take in that 3-minute period since it varies each time doing this, based on your stress level of that particular day.  You are collecting and regrouping yourself. In that 3-minute period you’ll ground your thoughts.  Oxygen will be swiftly moving throughout your bloodstream bringing you back into homeostasis. You are practicing self-care, that doesn’t impede on your day.  If you can’t find 3 minutes in your day, you’re not giving yourself enough care and are exposing yourself to many serious health issues. 

 2-   PLAY MUSIC LOUDLY- Challenge #2:Find your favorite songs and blast the music very loud. Sound vibrations have been scientifically proven to change your mood due to its frequency.  As electromagnetic beings, we are very responsive to energetic frequency waves. You get extra credit if you sing out loud!  Our favorite things leave imprints of high frequencies within us, which feel good and typically remind us of something enjoyable. This happens fast and furious without our conscious effort.  You are hacking your emotional system when you do this.

 3-   EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE- Challenge #3:Write out a list of at least 3-5 people, places or things you have recently experienced, that you are thankful for, every day.  The level or range of gratitude for the experience is not the goal, just that you have thanks. Be honest with yourself and don’t judge your list.  You’re the only one writing or reading it anyways. 

 4-   MOVE YOUR BODY – Challenge #4:Go for a walk, jump up and down; get the blood flowing in your body!  When your body is moving, the brain releases neurochemicals called endorphins which produce good feelings and help with anxiety and depression. Also, oxygen starts to be pumped through the bloodstream and causes much clearer thinking.

 5-   MOVE YOUR PHYSICAL LOCATION – Challenge #5:Relocate to a new city or go on a vacation or simple road trip. Get out of your normal; new environments can stimulate the adventure mode in you. If you place yourself in a new area, curiosity and challenge can remind you that you are able to rely and depend on yourself, which brings a sense of self-confidence and worth.

 All we need are small shifts that we practice over and over again.  So, the next time you find yourself stuck, angry, or sad, try any or all of these 5 suggestions to manage a case of the feels. The reality is, is that there’s no perfect life. You will need to practice these for the rest of your life each time you feel bad and want to feel better.