Top 3 Ways To Protect Your Personal Energy

So many factors come into play when we finally admit to or realize we don’t have enough energy to complete projects or socialize.  We are usually giving away our own reserve in an unbalanced way.

This can take its toll on our physical health, our relationship potential, and in our career or finances 

 Here are some ways we can reserve our energy to achieve our purpose and live a passionate life.

 1-   Self-care: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Eating healthy is important for the body to process food so that it has the fuel to create the energy to operate at its best.  Without a proper diet, the body will not fight off bacteria and viruses, because the immune system is compromised.  Moving the body so that it can burn the fuel food makes, is important to keep the heart beating and the blood circulating and pumping in the body.  This also produces more oxygen being received by the brain, allowing for a clearer perception and outlook assisting in your emotional state.  Exercise releases endorphins and neurotransmitters that make you feel better. When you feel better, you are positive which allows you to vibrate at a higher energetic frequency level, granting you to attract the people, places, or things you want in your experience, like a magnet.

2-   Setting boundaries- There is much power in saying the word ‘no’. If you’re finding you’re the person folks depend on for help, you could very well have set yourself up as a ‘rescuer’. This is seriously taxing on you physically and mentally because you will often give to others first and thentake care of yourself, if at all.  There are times it is completely appropriate to say ‘no’.  Contrary to what you may think, people pleasing is dangerous. Thinking too much about what others are feeling, and doing things at their beck and call, is one of the worst ways you show yourself your worth.  It’s too hard to keep up the façade of being perfect and you will let someone down; it’s human nature not to be perfect.  It’s time to determine why it’s more important to give of yourself when you’re not feeling up to it in order to make someone else happy. You yourself are in need of time and attention.  Consider how you’re being taken care of, and if you have someone that would give up their own time for you.  If you’re finding yourself becoming bitter and angry and you’re not receiving back, this is a sure sign that you are co-dependent on other people in order to make you feel complete and needed.  By you setting a boundary and doing only what feels right to you in any given moment, without any regret, anger, frustration, or strings attached, then you are being authentic with yourself and giving from a place of truth, instead of giving from a place of needing applause, recognition, or attention. You will not feel as drained or tired because you know why you’re helping out and that you can with no qualms. Saying ‘no’ in a kind, compassionate way will help you recalibrate your own self-worth and help you reserve your energy for you. You will find that you have more time for self-care which helps you feel better. Set your boundaries and be free within them. You will feel more energized and happier.

3-   Give up control.Yes, this is a lot easier said than done.  Expecting results to conclude or people to act in certain ways is a huge energy zapper. Each situation and person operate from a different background and from different facets that you can’t possibly even fathom.  People are going to act the way they do based on their desires and needs which are not the same ones you have and may never be.  Making them fit into your mold or ideals will crush them and they will rebel and leave.  This is your ego working from a place of insecurity and trying to keep up the momentum is exhausting.  There will be continuous arguments and disagreements that don’t get anyone anywhere. Once you realize this, you can surrender into allowing them their experience and observing how you can now co-create with them. You’ll notice things get easier.

 These are not new concepts or experiences.  These serve as reminders that if you’re feeling drained or tired, your energy is definitely being depleted and your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health is at stake. One of the hardest things we can do is just go with the flow of life. However, when we go with that current, we don’t seem to be as tired, exhausted, or negative.  And when we get into the headspace of acceptance, our faith can be restored, and we can become the vibrant energetic beings we are here to learn how to be.