The Veil Between Worlds

It’s the blueprint of a human being that anything mysterious humans don’t find familiar, don’t know about or can’t figure out, is automatically deemed ‘bad’ or ‘negative’, or ‘scary’.  It’s actually normal for us to do.  That’s our autonomic fight or flight systems going into action.  Once we figure things out and can make ‘sense’ of it, no longer is it scary and becomes place able in our world of knowing.

It’s the time of year where we hear that the curtain between worlds thins out, and we have easier access to go through the ‘veil’. So, what’s that about?  Oh, it’s so mysterious! Well, indulge me for a moment, while I help you make it more place able for you, more of a personal experience for your own empowerment, and less scary!

Seasons have always had some metaphorical component to them like spring representing new life (flowers blooming, trees bearing fruit) and winter representing death (barren trees branches, cold, long dark nights), summer representing vitality and co-creation (vacations, BBQs) and fall being the harvest time. Each season DOES bring its own energetic vibration to it, which allows for the cycle of life to continue, while humans match that energetic vibration to the seasons as well.

We’re about to enter a period where the days get shorter, and the ‘harvest’ cycle wanes, yet it’s not completely gone, merely a ‘transition’ between seasons, which based on our knowledge and folklore of the seasonal metaphors, becomes a doorway between the seasons of life and death (fall and winter). It kind of gives us a sense of change, with an appearance of stillness and serenity; an illusion one might say. 

One of the biggest false impressions humans face, is the fantasy that we are separate from divinity, when in actuality we ARE the divine. Yes, that may be hard to swallow; however, it’s true. Every action or reaction we get or give is divine in nature and ultimately for our highest good, even if we place judgment on it. After all, it’s part of our individual journey. (Ever notice that after all is said and done, that situation or that person actually helped you evolve, grow, learn, and change you???)

So back to the veil thinning…it becomes not only a metaphoric and energetic gateway for transition, it becomes a personal journey of transformation as well; when the illusion of your god like nature becomes closer to you and more easily accessible for you, to find your own power.  We become more sensitive to higher vibrations: of ourselves and of other energetic fields as well.  The everyday sense of separation disappears, and it starts to feel more tangible, more accessible. We feel more at one with ourselves and with others.

But Terrie, this doesn’t make any sense?  To the analytical mind, you’re correct.  This is all through the realm of the emotional mind, through symbols, through vibrational energy; Not quite fully understandable to the unimaginative or literal folks. This is a sort of magical realm, a realm into which you’d need to surrender belief systems and to trust your instincts. Which is what makes this so mysterious, by its very definition existing just outside of the everyday conscious, linear, reasoning mind.

So, in a nutshell, when the veil is thin, we are in a state of higher knowing, able to have a heightened state of awareness, and are more sensitive to energy other than ourselves. We have the capability of experiencing the divine nature of others and ourselves.

And with today’s global activities, it’s an amazing time to reach further into our own divine nature, to acknowledge and accept that the illusion of being separate from the divine is just that: NOT REAL.  We are the divine, not separate from it.