Spiritual Glossary Of Terms

There is an awakening to knowing there is more to life than just what is seen by the human eye or what is experienced on a superficial level. People are craving to connect and feel part of a whole; the yearning for meaning and the authentic truth in themselves, others, and in situations.

Spirituality is not a religion; it is understanding the physical, material world from a more peaceful perspective. It’s the meaning and authenticity in connecting to people, things, places, and situations. It’s the non-tangible, faith provoking, gut wrenching trust, in knowing that we are merely a partof the whole, and in working withthe other parts, peace is possible. 

Perhaps you are one of the many people reviewing your personal world and are new to the spiritual perspective. I thought it would be helpful to have a spiritual glossary of terms commonly used as a baseline for understanding spirituality. 

Some of these terms are based in physics and psychology.  Quantum physics, so far, has been able to prove some of the energetic processes, but not all.  Until science can prove the unknown, here’s a spiritual glossary of terms to help understand the language of spirituality.

Anchor/Hold Space For- The affirming of something in its truth.

Vibration(vibes)-The movement of atoms. They repel or attract other similar energies.

Frequency –The speed or rate at which vibrations move.

Ego -The part of the self that contrasts the way it sees itself with another or the world.

Veil- The perspective or perception of a personal experience or judgments of someone or something; The veil is the imaginary way you see the relationship between things.

Perception-Human judgment of ideas keeping you separated from your desires and ideals.

Separation-The feeling of disconnection because of the belief of not belonging.

Awakening-Not being lost in perception, seeing the truth.

Collective Consciousness- A group that thinks the same way about something or has the same perspective, and affects a situation or outcome

Illusion-Seeing the difference between perception of things and the truth.

Alchemy-A process of transformation or transmutation in a mysterious and impressive way.

Shadow-Aspects of the ego that are fragmented and out of unity. 

Entity-Can be defined as ‘shadow’ in that energy sees itself as a separate self -contained existence. Often incorrectly used in paranormal conclusions as malevolent, when it’s actually a psychological imbalance of the ego.

Attachment- A malevolent energy connected to the human energetic field.  Typically, it’s an emotional imbalance of the ego and not commonly a paranormal anomaly. 

The below describes energy, not sexual identity.

 Male Energy- Self-reliance, logical, intellectual, tough, initiating

 Female Energy- love, patience, intuitive, gentleness, receptive.