So many of us are in a state of separation and don’t even know it. We live in a society where we seek validation from the outside. We’re trying to please outward, we’re trying to fit in outward, and we’re trying to live outward. If everything is going out, what is left INSIDE?

When there’s nothing inside there’s emptiness, there’s loneliness, there’s depression, there’s the addictive need to constantly seek that outsidefeeling; we know that feeling, in that familiarity we think we’ll be content, safe, but it actually keeps us dead…inside.

We’ve focused so much on the outsidethat we are dead inside. Yes, that’s harsh to read. But it’s true. It’s keeping you in the same space, and same place, with the same types of people, and the same types of situations over and over and over. Still feeling empty and dead inside.


Because we are separated from our self and are focused on what others think of us. We are living a life of ‘outside’ rather than inside. We are separated from our SELF. 

Being separated from your inside self is painful. Your choices and decisions come from a scattered vague place, and because of that, you lack direction. Without direction, you don’t know how to move forward, not going anywhere. You can apply that to any area or topic of your life, and it’ll become crystal clear if you get authentic and honest with yourself.

Can you recognize any of this? Does this resonate with you? Are you always seeking outside guidance and validation, and then once you have it, you feel better and relieved?

This stems from your past traumas (everyone has had them, no matter how big or small) and the longer time goes on, the more separated from yourself you become, until you get triggered by something, someone, some circumstance which makes you look at yourself!


There it is…the permission to start looking inward. Typically it comes across as some dramatic even traumatic event, and forces us to start the self-evaluation process. 

And it’s in that breakdown we start the reconnection with and to our inside.

If we get ugly honest enough with ourselves, we get to explore, heal, and grow from our trauma. It’s in that reconnection process, we meet who we are again, and we become our best friends; finally getting clear on who we are, what we want, why we’re here, what our purpose is, and how to fulfill it.  The vagueness disappears and we start chugging along moving forward. 

Being connected to your self is probably THE most important part of living a human life. In the separation is where fear, anxiety, depression live. In the connectedness is where love, peace, and joy lives. 

If you’re feeling negative, or experiencing a lot of bad things happening to you, it’s an important sign that you are in a state of disconnection and separation from yourself.  Sure, you could go ahead and place blame on others, but it’s really about you being separated from your own self.

Life is happening for you, not to you. When you’re having these moments of separation, consider them a gift; you’re being reminded that you’ve stepped away from yourself. Reconnecting to yourself will propel you forward, back into the bigger picture.

Are you willing to explore moving forward and stop feeling dead inside by reconnecting with yourself instead of being in separation?