Part 2- The 7 Universal Laws Of The Universe

In part one, we discussed the immutable, unchangeable and fixed universal laws. These last four are mutable; meaning they can be changed or transcended to get a certain result or creation. 

These, act as remindersfor a better understanding of your human experienceand empowerment to create change in your life.Understand these and watch what happens to you.

Law of Polarity‘Everything exists in duality, everything has poles, everything has its opposite, however opposites are identical in their nature and different only in degree’. You can’t have one without the potential for the other.  Though they are different, their nature is the same. For example, hot and cold; both are opposite sensations, but the are the same in nature, which is temperature.  They are different degrees of the same thing. These only exist in the physical and mental realms, so they can be transcended because polarity doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm, no judgment exists in that realm, and so things or experiences just are.  No polar opposites, you can’t have one without the other.

Law of Rhythm‘Everything flows, everything has its tides, all things rise and fall, a pendulum that swings to the right swings to the left in equal measure, what goes up must come down, rhythm compensates.’ This is the concept of ebb and flow and the common saying ‘One step backwards, three steps forward.’  Experiences will happen again until you can learn from them.Ultimately this keeps you moving forward, by seemingly having you move backwards, so that you can identify the cycle to push you to gain maturity and experience.

Law of Cause and Effect‘Every cause has an effect, every effect has its cause, and every action has its reaction.’ Everything that you see or experience in your outer world or outside of your reality has a specific cause of where it started from your inner world. You have to change your mind so that you don’t have to be a slave to it.  How you react to something determines how you behave in that moment and how you’re going to feel.

Law of Gender‘Gender is in everything, everything has its masculine and feminine aspects’. This law talks about principles and exists in all planes: the physical, mental, and spiritual.  So in the physical plane it manifests as sex. This law doesn’t stick to a ‘sexual’ principle, but an energetic one.Think yin/yang.  Everyone has masculine and feminine aspects within themselves; to be a complete human there has to be a balance of expression of both energies.