Part 1- The 7 Universal Laws Of The Universe

There is no actual manual that teaches us how to be good humans or what the perfect ingredients for humanity are (some may argue that’s what the Bible, Torah, Koran or any other religious instructions are for.). However, there are seven laws of the universe that can help us at least understand the ‘why’of our human experience from a more spiritual (not religious) aspect and how to best utilize them for as much comfort in this world as possible.

We’re going to first focus on the first three laws, which are immutable; meaning they are fixed and can’t be changed.  In Part 2, we’ll discuss the mutable, changeable laws.

*The Law of Mentalism(immutable)- ‘Everything is mental; the Universe is a mental creation of the All.’ Things are how we thinkthey are.   Your reality is manifested in your mind. You know that word perception? Yes, this is that… perception.Which happens in the mind.  You are what you think.

*The Law of Correspondence(immutable)- ‘As above, so below.’  This is about the connection between planes; the agreements and harmonious efforts between the physical, mental, and spiritual realms.  There is no separation in the universe, including you.  Everything is coming from one source, including you, meaning you are divine and have divinity. Your emotions create energy and that energy created here on Earth (the below part) projects upward (the above part) and then it’s returned back to you (the ‘as above, so below’ part).

*The Law of Vibration(immutable)-‘Nothing rests, everything moves, and everything vibrates’. This is the foundation of the Law of Attraction. Our senses of taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch are all conveyed through vibration; the same is applied to your thoughts and emotions.  Energy vibrates at different speeds also known as frequencies, which is why there are differences in people, animals, emotions, etc. This has been proven by science.

In the next part, we’ll be going over the four mutable laws of the universe, the ones that are changeable and can be transcended.