Intuitive Vs. Psychic

Intuitive Vs. Psychic. There are intuitives and there are psychics who work in this field of spirituality; There’s also confusion about what they each are and how they relate to each other. What is a psychic?  What is an intuitive? Is there a difference?

Let’s start here: what is intuition anyways?  Intuition is that small inner voice, that tiny hunch, that last minute change or decision you partake in, that knowing, gut instinct. It’s always there; it resides in you.  Most people don’t listen to it; they are counterintuitive and will do the opposite if they don’t trust themselves or are fearful of their decisions.  An intuitive person will listen to that inner voice and choose to use it as guidance; It often times can be life saving and keep you moving in the right direction.

What does it mean to be a psychic? It’s easiest to explain like this: being psychic is the focused aptitude in which intuition expressed. The terms piggyback on each other, since they are similar in definition; the terms are often times interchangeable, one could argue that these terms are a semantic issue.

The term ‘psychic’ has a bit of a religious connotation to it as well, which can be off-putting and scare off some folks.  Somehow, it’s perceived by the general public that someone who’s highly intuitive is more acceptable than someone who’s psychic, but they are the same thing, they use the same tool: their intuition.

There are five senses; each of the five senses are different in how they communicate information. The five senses are: touch, see, smell, taste, and hear. There’s also a sixth sense: knowing.  An intuitive will have a heightened awareness or ‘clearness’ of these five senses, with an extra sensory perception (the 6th sense), and as they hone in and direct these, they focus on downloading data through clairsentience (feel/touch), clairvoyance (sight), clairaliance (smell/scent), clairgustance (taste), clairaudience (hear/sound), and claircognizance (knowing). When the information is being received, the intuitive is in the act of being psychic. 

Using the intuition is imperative to being a psychic; you can’t have one without the other, as they are pretty much the same thing and dependent on each other. Therefore someone can’t be psychic without being an intuitive, and an intuitive is a psychic in order to get honed in and directed using intuition.

When I work with people, I label myself as an intuitive because that is the first tool that I use, my initial impressions that I further and deeper explore through the usage of clairsentience (feel/touch) as my primary means of data download, and clairaudience (sound/hearing) as my secondary means of communication. In the investigation of my intuition to extract information for guidance, is when I’m being psychic AND intuitive. However my skills are defined, is really a semantics issue as both terms are interchangeable and used in the same way. Intuitive vs. Psychic or Psychic vs Intuitive; Doesn’t really matter.