Empath Boundary Setting Part 1

How many times have you left your home for the day feeling absolutely fabulous, on top of the world, indestructible? You’re driving to your destination (let’s say a super market for some produce) blaring your most favorite song from your iTunes list. Life is just grand, isn’t it? In your home you are the master, no one and nothing can get in your way… But you then walk into your neighborhood super market, crossing that threshold, and then BAM!

Stepping through those automatic doors suddenly and strangely, you feel like you’re in a video game having to duck from what ‘feels’ like a precise laser beam assault aimed right at you. You lose those good ‘feels’ and now you’ve gained a case of the blahs. In a matter of seconds you went from 60-0.

You do your shopping, continue on with your day’s tasks, just moving through the motions like a robot, perhaps even getting frustrated, angry, or sad.

What happened?

This is a VERY common and typical experience for empaths, folks who have an extremely high sensitivity to the EMF (electromagnetic field) around them. Quantum Physics has proven that everything has EMF, even inanimate objects. The human EMF source is called the auric field (aura) and is powered and operated by our chakra system (there are 7 basic energetic centers that ‘feed’ energy to various parts of the human body physically as well as metaphysically.). Not only does this EMF give off energy, but it also absorbsit. Energy can also be called vibration, and everything has a speed at which it vibrates (with the right equipment, energy can be gauged by a measure of electromagnetic units). In that vibration, empaths can infer data through their own internal communication system of interpretation (language) through clairsentience, the ability to clearly feel.

The majority of empaths don’t even know they are empathing, and are picking up information from outside of themselves, and therefore taking inthose vibrations as if they were theirs. That has both positive and negative effects, as you can imagine.

So how can empaths healthily manage taking on vibes that aren’t theirs? 

Metaphysically speaking, there are many tools out there that people can use like sage, crystal grids, Palo Santo, essential oils, etc.; However, in order for any of those tools or rituals to work, you still really need to use the pragmatic, human part of YOU! You are the lowest common denominator, whether you want to get ‘woo woo airy-fairy’ or if you’re just a practical person who doesn’t use any tools, it’s still about you. And thankfully, that doesn’t cost any money and is easy to budget!

You need to get honest with yourself and ask ‘What do I want? What will I tolerate?’ Most people truly just want to have peace and happiness, but allow non-peace and non-happiness into their lives. When you are sure of what you want, you don’t allow for anything else. That’s called a boundary. You set it and you get it. That goes for metaphysical practice, and/or just day-to -day living, too. You get what you tolerate; ESPECIALLY if you’re an empath, because you’re getting everyone else’s non-peace or non-happiness as well. Don’t we have enough of just our own?

So how do we set up these boundaries to keep in, nurture, and protect our energy?  Great question!  Part 2 of this blog will explain how to set boundaries.