Emotional Time Travel Part 2

Ok Terrie, in Part 1 of your blog you explained what emotional time travel is and now we understand, but that was last month’s blog, and then what comes next?  Good question! Thanks for asking!

Emotional Time Travel = You operating (your personal OS) making decisions, choices, and your reactions based off of the emotions of anxiety (fears in the future) or depression (nostalgia from the past) resulting in a sense of false or an illusion of being in or having control to avoid feeling vulnerable.

The first thing we do is RECOGNIZE we are emotionally time traveling! That’s literally the first step. And, it could take some time for that realization to occur, and that is ok. You are OK! What you are is human. And when we wear our Earth suit, we are often participating and using our own personal OS for soul evolution, so that we CAN move forward.  There’s no way around this folks!  We do human things and can’t avoid them; we can try, but nope! Not gonna happen, so we may as well surrender into the acceptance that this is where we are coming from in this very moment. So the second step is ACCEPTANCE that we are time traveling and having a case of the ‘feels’.  (SIDENOTE: as I journey through my life and tweak and finesse my OS, I realize that all of these ‘feels’ add to my data bank of life experience so that I can share and empower other people…so maybe something for you to consider is that your data bank downloading of life experience is ALSO for you to help someone else out, even if it’s just for advice or support!)

Once you’ve RECOGNIZED and ACCEPTED that you are emotionally time traveling, the third step happens automatically, which is SURRENDER.  I love that this happens without efforting. What you surrender into is the now known identification that you’re coming from a place of depression or anxiety and really into a state of the known, called clarity- the present.  You are now back in reality! Feet planted on Earth, not flying around out there in the universe of anxiety or depression, rooted back, grounded back into your OS. BOOM! It does happen quickly once you’ve recognized and accepted where you are. Then the light bulb goes off, and you can strategize your next move from a place of actual control.  Your answer comes to you! Finally! Huzzah! However, it does come in divine timing (we’ll discuss that at a different time). And now, your OS runs smoothly with no rebooting necessary (at least until the next hiccup). 

I’d love to be able to say that emotional time travel is not a common thing, but the reality of being a human Earthling, is that we can time emotionally travel often and sometimes several times a day, and at different intensities. But isn’t is ALSO nice to know that once we realize we’re time traveling, we can re-set ourselves to return to the present and then move forward with a more grounded, clear expectation of true reality of where we ACTUALLY are, instead of projecting from the past or to the future. 

I can’t BS you and tell you there’s a magical pill or secret that will help you avoid emotional time travel all together, there isn’t. This doesn’t go away, you will encounter this until the day you are no longer wearing your Earth suit, however as we get better and better at treating each ‘time traveling flight’, it becomes easier and easier to manage and cancel the trip!