Emotional Time Travel Part 1

Let’s talk time travel for a moment; Sounds fun, intriguing, and intergalactic, of course! However, I’m not talking about a Marty McFly Delorian type or wormhole style of time traveling, I’m talking about emotional time travel.

What is emotional time travel you ask and why are you even bringing it up?  Well, it’s when your operating system (OS-YOU) is working in fear or nostalgia mode. You’re either living in the future or living in the past.

I bring this up because we’re about to enter the Holiday season when gathering with family and friends happen, and happen a lot. So many of us can be overwhelmed by this and use our OS in a way that actually stands in the way or living comfortably and peacefully. 

How are you making your decisions? What is influencing your choices? How are you reacting to situations?  When you operate from fear you’re time traveling to the future and when you operate from nostalgia, you’re time traveling to the past.  Your ‘what ifs’ cause you to warp speed into a state of anxiety and panic and your ‘shoulda-coulda-wouldas’ snap you back into your past causing depression.  So are your decisions, choices, or reactions coming from a place of the present?  The present would be considered clarity with a sense of control and knowingness.

For the sake of this blog, when I refer to depression, I’m not talking about a diagnosed clinical or chemical imbalance type of depression; my intention is towards, temporary-event oriented depression. Of course, if you suspect you are experiencing clinical depression or have a chemical imbalance, it’s important to be properly diagnosed to receive the proper medication and support needed to maintain your emotional balance, so please seek help from a reliable medical source.

Now I don’t know about you, but I do emotional time travel often! I’m mostly guilty of future time travel and it’s usually a turbulent ride. Yes, sometimes I’ll get nostalgic and move backwards into a state of depression, but the majority of the time I do (thankfully) realize that what’s done is done and I can’t change the result or outcome (however there’s the future I can still tackle, right? Hahahah!). So I tend to have more anxiety than I’d prefer.

Whether you time travel into the future or back to the past, bottom line is that it’s not healthy to live in that space.  It keeps us in our head and in a state of needing constant control, which is an illusion anyways.  We don’t really have any control over anything EXCEPT our reactions to people or situations. But as humans, we have a belief system that we need to be in control, which, saves us from feeling vulnerable. I know we’ve all experienced outcomes we would’ve never even imagined or dreamed of happening that made us feel extremely uncomfortable.  This is ego; It thinks it can have the ultimate control and even change the way things ‘should’ve’ gone.

How do I know all of this? Because I’ve done and still do this.  The more I get into my head and analyze, the more I time travel. And when I time travel, the thoughts that are in my head, buzzing around and around create a recording of false control, and then it becomes a belief, which, of course, is not even true! So now I’ve created a new belief system stemming from traveling to the future in which my projected outcome (based on fear) hasn’t even come true, just because I’m feeling vulnerable and want to feel like I can accurately predict and KNOW the end result of a situation.

Look, the reality is, is that when I’m emotionally time traveling I’m scared and I want something to go my way, because if it doesn’t, I’m afraid I won’t know howto deal with it, right?  Goes back to my autonomic human system of fight or flight.  It’s so unhealthy because now my OS is making decisions and choices based on something that hasn’t even happened or won’t even happen, and now I’m living in a state of anxiety. Perhaps your OS works off of emotional time travel back to the past.  Whatever kind of time traveling we’re doing emotionally, it affects everything we do and the people we interact with, and the results we’d like to achieve. Bottom line!

But wait there’s more!!!  Part 2 of this blog will give more information about- how you can stop emotional time travel.